Don’t Demonize Apartments

January 3, 2022 by No Comments

There is a lot of controversy in the market for furnished apartments in causeway bay. The mainstream view is that buying an apartment is not as good as buying a house to make money.

However, the concept of buying a house is constantly changing with the needs of users. For example, the old and the small will not be able to move in 2021. The main reason is that the new generation of young people have changed the logic of buying a house. No one buys it, so naturally it won’t move.

Now, apartments are not mainstream, but in a few years, after 00s become the main force in buying houses, the situation may change again. This group of children are almost only children. There are more and more singles, late marriages and unmarried people. The housing price in the district is too expensive to buy. (Currently, the suburbs of Guangzhou are basically more than 50,000 yuan). Instead of going to Zengcheng to buy a house, I may feel that it is better to buy an sheung wan furnished apartments for rent in the urban area and feel more happy.

This situation is very common in Beishangshen. Many young people are unwilling to live in suburbs and counties, so they choose to buy small apartments directly, and they can also get a lot of them on Douyin.


Also settle accounts.


Assuming that there is an investment of 500,000 yuan in hand, A chooses a double-key apartment of 1 million in the urban area, and B chooses to buy a house for 1.5 million in Zengcheng. The double-key rent for an apartment in the urban area is 3000, and the rent for a house in Zengcheng is 2000. There is really no advantage in buying and selling value-added apartments, but Zengcheng, which was bought for 1.5 million yuan, can’t be sold. Since there is no money for circulation and appreciation, compared with the two, apartment rents in the urban area are still stable and paid. In this case, can you buy an apartment? ?

Therefore, there is no need to kill the apartment. The director feels that after the housing is settled, the budget is small and there is no other investment channel. If you want to buy a house, you can buy an apartment.

but! There are many apartments in Guangzhou, the water is deep, and there are many people who can’t rent them out. Therefore, you must choose carefully.

Due to the relatively high cost of taxes and fees for the sale and purchase of apartments, as a long-term investment consideration, we must look at the rental rate of return.

Most people renting a house are still unacceptable to live too far. Therefore, judging whether an apartment can be bought depends mainly on the supply, demand and rent that diverge for half an hour (metro bus driving) within the furnished apartments in causeway bay.

Going back to the fan’s question, I guess you bought Wenxi, so my wife wanted to buy another sheung wan furnished apartments for rent for her parents in the same community. Since the money is okay, there is no objection to solve the problem of parents living differently, so the tangled point, I don’t know if the investment in this apartment will pay off.

Within a 10 km radius of Wenxi, there are Wanbo, University Town, and Pazhou’s rental needs, but the director feels that it is unlikely that Pazhou will come to rent Wenxi. More groups should be the University Town and University Wisdom Valley (early Cisco) nearby Huagong and JIU University.

Therefore, the rent sample of the University Town is more appropriate as a reference for buying Wenxi Apartments.

There are very few residences in the University Town itself. Even if it is rented out, the principal can only find 44 houses on a certain website. The apartment is rented for single-room rentals. Range from 1000-3000.

Not to mention the houses of the villagers in the city. The apartment rent of University Time is indeed not low. Call to inquire. The entire University City has only one apartment in Fangyuan University Time (the residences are all large flat-floor apartments), and there are only more than 700 units in total. They are easy to rent, most of them. They are all new teachers and young lovers, and the rent is indeed not coming.


The core rent of Fangyuan University is still supply and demand.


Back to Wenxi, the apartment is between Huagong and Jiu University. The principal thinks that teachers from Huagong and Jiu University, young couples, and classmates who work in Wisdom Valley (formerly Cisco) in the university town are most likely to rent.

There are about 35,000 Chinese workers in Jida. The school does not allow mixed living. Young people have extremely strong hormones. Wenxi’s apartments are only more than 300. They are rented out to accommodate teachers and young couples solve their romantic life. There should be no major problems in supply and demand.


Finally calculate the rate of return.


The minimum size of this furnished apartments in causeway bay is 32 squares with double keys, and the total price is 660,000. In theory, it should be two LOFT rooms. We use the same neighboring university’s time-level single room to rent 3,000 flat for 30 (in theory, double keys can be rented to two households. It should be more expensive, but I didn’t see the board room, please calculate it conservatively)

The rental rate of return is (3000*12 months)/660000=5.4%. Assuming that a set can be rented to 3,500, that is a 6.4% rate of return.


The current market is not too low.


Suppose it is 660,000 to buy, a down payment of 1 and a half, and a loan of 330,000 for 10 years (calculated at 6 points of interest), and 3,600 repayments every month. The pressure is not too great. Renting a house for parents requires so much money. If the parents don’t Come to live, as long as you can rent out, there is no pressure to repay if you rent more than 3,000.

Generally speaking, the investment in buying this sheung wan furnished apartments for rent is not too much, the risk is controllable, the income is not too high, but it is not a big problem to be too lazy to worry about it, but I still need to discuss it with wife.